The User Engagement Report is a new report that is now available to view within your admin system. This report shows how engaged your users are with the content they are watching.

To calculate engagement we break the content down in to 10 parts and then graph the users who have watched the content at these points. By showing this information in a graph it provides a way to easily see how engaged your users are. Below are two examples of engagement reports.

The top graph shows content that has a high user engagement. In this graph we can see that there is a small drop off at the start, which is normal behaviour. For the rest of the duration the number of users who watched the content remained consistently high until the end when a number of users stopped watching at the credits.

The second graph shows content which has a lower user engagement. This graph shows a fairly consistent drop in viewers throughout the duration of the film. The small rise later on in the film shows that a user skipped ahead. It’s important to note that the second graph has a statistically small number of users so this may not accurately represent the viewers behaviour.

User Engagement


User Engagement 3