SHIFT72 have partnered with Akamai, the world’s largest CDN provider

Today we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Akamai, adding to our current partnership with Amazon AWS. This partnership allows us to offer more advanced streaming and downloading options across all platforms and a superior playback experience for all audiences.

Akamai is the world’s largest CDN, with more than 150,000 globally distributed servers. The service has a great record of high-performance and highly reliable HTTP media delivery records. This partnership means that we’re equipped to offer the finest playback quality and download speeds across all SHIFT platforms, both on desktop connections and mobile devices.




We’re joining many reputable brands, such as Apple, BBC and Sony, with this choice in order to offer superior reliability and reach to all of our customers, and to ensure smooth scalability for powering thousands of brands to distribute content around the globe.

With Akamai as an additional CDN partner, our content playback will be optimized individually to each viewer with adaptive bitrate streaming automatically customizing the video to be of the highest quality suitable to all individual’s internet connection speeds. The globally distributed servers across both Akamai and Amazon AWS (over 170,000 worldwide) allows us to deliver content to your audiences at the fastest possible speeds with location detection enabling the closest server to deliver data to your audience.