We are excited to announce the upcoming release of the SHIFT72 App for Android.

Now your users will be able to access purchases from your platform directly from their Android phone or tablet. The app has our world class DRM copy protection built in and along with streaming content the app has the added bonus of allowing your users to download content to view offline.

When a user starts the app they will be prompted to choose a channel. Existing clients will automatically appear as a channel on this app. Once a channel is selected the user then enters their username and password and their library will automatically synchronize with their device.


The app is planned to be released in early August and we will circulate the app link once deployed along with adding an Available on Google Play store link to your platform’s website. Once the app is released we recommend that you update your help page with support for Android. We’ve added an example at demo.shift72.com/#!/page/help which you are welcome to copy for your own use.

We are working on extending the Android app to support Chromecast and plan to release this update a little later in the year.

Talk to your account representative if you have any questions or are interested in being involved in beta testing.