Introducing the platform Dashboard, your new admin homepage

Today we’re excited to announce the newly released dashboard across all customer platforms. The dashboard is your new admin homepage and provides insightful real-time platform data at a glance.
Landing on your new Dashboard homepage you will see your key headline stats, all in one place: total users, films and TV Seasons, the number of content sales and video plays for easy data monitoring and weekly reporting.
Interactive graphs show the number of signups and sales on your platform, which also takes into account any refunds that may have been entered into the system. Hover over your data for the date and total number of signups or sales from the last seven days.
We’ve also added a Recent Ingestion Jobs snapshot, which highlights the most recent ingested titles with their publish status. A visual list of your top selling titles enables you to monitor your sales progress and keep tabs on your most successful content at a glance.

SHIFT72 secure vod platform dashboard


To access your new Dashboard, simply click the SHIFT72 platform logo on the top left hand corner of your platform Admin and see your latest platform summaries.