Great news! You can now run your own specials with the new Promo Codes feature

Create unlimited promotions and control your own specials with Promo Codes. Leverage this feature by offering special deals to magazines, blogs and social media audiences to reward loyal customers and increase sales on your platform.
Use promo codes for videos
To find Promo Codes, navigate to your platform Admin and select ‘Promo Codes’ on your top menu. Here you can add new codes, edit and remove existing promotions and monitor your campaign progress.
SHIFT72 Promo Codes
Click ‘Add Promo Code’ to get started with your own promotion. Once you fill in your campaign name and discount %, you will land on the page below. Here you can edit your campaign name, create your own code or request a unique computer generated code and choose your sale amount. The percentage you choose will automatically adjust film prices on your site when your customers enter that code.
If you select the ‘No limit’ check box, your Promo can be used an infinite amount of times during the sales period, but each customer can only use any code once. You can also control the amount of times each promo can be used, whether this is one to thousands – you set your limit.
create your own promo codes
After you have entered the required information, click the ‘Enable’ checkbox then Save to turn on each Promo. Your Promo will now be live and you can start sending the code out to customers.
Because we know reporting is important to you, we’ve added on a full scale Usage History report for each of your Promos. The downloadable CSV report is accessed by clicking on your Promo name, then the usage history button on the left nav and shows data from invoice number to customer details and pricing.
promo reporting
Alongside these individual reports, Promos have been integrated into your Orders Report to include discounted amounts on all orders and your customers’ purchase receipts have been updated to include the discounted amount of their purchase.
This is a great sales tool for any platform owner. Promos are not only great for increasing sales – they can also be used as a compensation tool for any unhappy customers and free screeners for content reviewers. To give away free films, simply set the discount % to 100.