For more control over your platform settings and appearance

Today we’ve rolled out an Admin update across all platforms, providing new Admin controls and customization options.

Every SHIFT72 platform is different, from functionality to appearance. The tools we provide ensure you’re able to customize your platform in many different ways and set yourself apart from the rest. This week we’ve added three new features guaranteed to enhance your platform personalization capabilities.



You can now turn your front end Search feature on and off from your Admin. This feature is very useful, particularly if you’re starting out with a smaller catalogue. Turn your Search function off for a more streamlined user experience. If your catalogue grows, enable Search so that your audience can easily find what they are looking for amongst your many titles.



You’re now in the driver’s seat for your platform rental period. We’ve removed fixed rentals for all platforms and added an Admin feature for you to determine how long rentals last in your audience’s libraries.




Titles and Genre Captions

Tailor your platform look with new title customization controls. Under your content posters, you can now choose to display title only, title and genres, or nothing at all by using the Posters tool in settings. If you would like to display genres, you can select how many you would like to display. Experiment with your platform and see what works well with your content. Below is an example of displaying the title and two genres.



Access these new features from Settings in your Admin and have fun trying out your new platform look. Contact your Account Manager if you would like to know more about these features, or if you have any feedback.