Regional Pricing and Geo-Blocking updates are now live on all platforms

Lately we’ve been busy making more improvements to the Administration Dashboard that make Geo-Blocking and Regional Pricing even easier to manage.

The new update released today enables all platform owners to create, define and edit regions that make segregating regional sales easy.


Regional Pricing

Regions are groups of countries defined by you that use the same price and currency. This enables better control over distribution windowing and regional sales from your platform dashboard, all in real-time.

We’ve pre-defined some standard regions by territory which you can easily edit your pricing for. To view the list of countries in each Region, simply click the ‘+’ button beside each name and the list will appear. To make any changes or to define your own list, simply email your account manager the changes and we will make your customized regions for you.





We’ve also made some changes to the Geo-Blocking feature, which enables you to block or unblock content access by country for individual titles or for your whole catalogue. To access your Regional Pricing and Geo-Blocking settings, choose your title and navigate to the region tab from your edit mode.

To block or unblock country access, select either ‘Available Exclusively In’ or ‘Blocked Exclusively In’ and enter your countries in the text box; the changes in your list will appear instantly. All countries in the list have a green or red thumb to indicate their status. Green indicates that the film is available at the prices displayed and red indicates that the film is blocked in that specific country only.