We are excited to announce that localized pricing, free items and film title display options have been released to all SHIFT72 customers!

The new product update was rolled out on November 24. Platform owners will have increased control over display options, and users in different countries will see a more personalized shop front.

Here is a breakdown of the new features.

Localized Pricing

We’ve made some updates to country-based browsing experiences. Now all platforms will automatically detect a user’s location and adjust all pricing to reflect their local currency, before they have even logged in.


Regional pricing view


Free Items

The ability for Free Items on platforms is now live.  If you wish to offer free content to customers, simply log in to your administration dashboard, select Geo-Blocking & Pricing and any area that is set to $0.00 will display as free. Customers will be able to access content on sign-in and will not be required to enter their credit card details when purchasing or renting these titles.


price control


Title and Genre Display Option

Platforms now have the ability to display Titles and Genres underneath film posters on your platform. Now you can give your customers more information about your content at a glance, making it easier for them to determine what to watch. The Title and Genre feature is entirely optional and can be turned on by requesting the feature to the support team or to your Account Manager.


content titles