Ingesting Trailers is now easier with a new and improved administration process

We’ve streamlined the process for ingesting the trailers for your content for a much smoother upload experience. In our earlier model, this was an area that had the most steps to complete. After talking with our partners and gathering feedback, we came up with a temporary solution that will make trailer ingestion far easier for all platform administrators while we work on a brand new process to be released over the upcoming months.

To ingest a trailer that you have uploaded onto your AWS S3 bucket, navigate to your ingestion tab, select your trailer from the list and click on the blue button under ‘Actions’ to start the ingestion.

Once you have done this, the processing trailer will move into the top to the queue and the Status will change to ‘In Progress’. This usually takes between 10 – 15 minutes for our software to encode and get ready for your DRM secured protection and distribution.

Make sure you use the drop down boxes to select the Type as ‘Trailer’ and the Profile as ‘Trailer – Full’ for your full trailer, or choose ‘Trailer – 1 Minute’ or ‘Trailer – 5 Minute’ if you’re using the first few minutes of your film*.



When the trailer is ingested, navigate to your ‘Media Content’ tab under Basic Info. There you will see a list of all Media Content connected to the film you are editing. The trailer will appear at the bottom of this list once ingestion has finished, when you see it there, click the trailer button button and click ‘Edit Film’. This will send the trailer URL to the ‘Trailers’ section.


media content


The last step is navigating across to the ‘Trailers’ tab. There you will see a new URL sitting in the text box. You do not need to edit anything here, simply click the ‘Edit Film’ button to save all the changes you have just made.




*Note that using the first minutes of your film as a substitute for trailers is not recommended for sales conversions. Adding full trailers is far more beneficial for the satisfaction of your customers and increased ROI.