How to use the Refund feature on your platform

Seamlessly record refunds for your platform using the new feature in customer Account History and save time with easy customer reimbursement.

The new Refund feature includes updates to reporting, which automatically recalculate to provide you with continuous real-time platform statistics.


Get started with this step by step guide:

To issue a refund, find your customer in your platform ‘Users’ and click on your customer’s ‘Account History’ button, as seen below.

how to issue a refund


In your customer’s Account History, you will see a list of their previous purchases. Click on the order you would like to refund, then select ‘Refund Order’.

refunding an order

Here the ‘Issue Refund’ modal window will pop up; in this section you will see the details of the order. You can choose to repay the customer back through the credit card they paid with on your platform or issue a refund by different means. Regardless of the refund method you choose, the reporting in the system will take into account the sale you refunded.

Demonstration refund

Once you issue the refund, the item will show up red in your customer’s Account History to ensure you know the refund has been processed. In this screen you will also see the credit card status. If you did not tick the credit card option, you will see the status as “Not Requested by Administrator”.
If you chose the automatic credit card option, you will see different statuses of “Started”, “Processing” and “Completed”. If something does go wrong it will show “Failed”, and you should contact us for support. Remember to refresh your page to see the new status.
order refunded
When the refund is completed, all reporting will be updated on your platform. To find your new Refunds Report, navigate to the Reporting section on your top menu, you will see ‘Refunds’ has been added. Here you can use the date selection tool to choose the refunds displayed and download the data for a CSV report of your refunds.
refund reporting

The refunds feature includes updates to your Items Report, Summary Report and Dashboard reporting, which will automatically adjust sales data to take into account any refunds that have been completely processed on your platform.


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