Add and rearrange collections on your home page

Today we are thrilled to release a new feature that allows you to add more collections to your home page, change the order or remove old collections. This makes it easy to organically increase the home page content as your catalog grows or easily swap out a collection for a special event such as Halloween.




The home page is now listed as one of the editable pages within Admin. Editing the layout should feel familiar; use the add buttons to create a new list or slider and choose one of your existing collections. You can also choose another collection directly from this screen and drag and drop to rearrange the order. To ensure your site continues to work well on mobile devices, the number of collections are limited to 10 per page.


Edit Home Page


This update is one of many we are making in this area, so keep an eye out for the next announcement and feel free to send feedback to your account representative. To read more about Curated Collections, click here.