We’re pleased to announce a new feature that increases the flexibility of film ingestion, making it easy to accept and receive individual titles from multiple sources.

You now have the ability to invite someone to directly upload a title. This could include filmmakers, rights-holders, internal team members or any third party.

Feature highlights:

  • Branded email invites
  • Branded upload page
  • Edge location uploading
  • Intelligent resume upload feature
  • Automatic encoding
  • Upload status and monitoring

To use this feature, you’ll see a new button called “Invite to Upload” on the Video Library page of a film. Enter the email address for the person that you want to send the invite email to and click “Send Invite.” An example of this email is included below.

Invite to Upload

Upload Email


Clicking on the “Upload Film” button will take the user to a dedicated upload page. Here they can select the file from their computer and choose an upload region that is close to them to ensure a fast upload. The user can see the upload progress and if the upload is interrupted for any reason, the user just needs to return to this page and select the same file from their computer to resume the upload.



Within the admin system you can view the status of any upload invite allowing you to monitor progress. Once an upload is completed the film will be automatically encoded unless the check box was un-ticked when you sent the email invite.

Feel free to contact your account manager if you have any questions about this feature.