Today we’re excited to announce the release of two new features that have been rolled out to all customer platforms

Configuring Your Sliders and Editing CMS pages are all new functions available to customers. Here is a breakdown of all the features and how to use them.


Configurable Sliders

On your platform you now have the ability to take even more control over your visual display. Configurable Sliders enable you to determine how your titles look in each slider, with three different size options for Portrait Posters and three different size options for Landscape Posters.


configurable sliders


To access this function, navigate to ‘Features’ under your Meta menu, choose the slider you would like to edit and select the dropdown menu under Layout to define your size option. If you would like to add more titles to your slider, select ‘Featured Items’ and add titles from your available uploads.


Editable CMS Pages

We’ve added the ability for you to edit your own CMS Pages. Now it’s possible for you to maintain all pages across your platform and provide customers with more in-depth information about your company and platform. With customizable CMS pages – including About Us, Help, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions – you can make any desired changes and see your changes instantly.


CMS pages


To edit your own CMS pages, simply navigate to the CMS menu on your Administration dashboard, select pages and choose which section you would like to make changes to.