We’re happy to announce the release of a new report providing the streaming activity of a specific user. The User Streaming Activity Report is now available to view within your admin system. To view this new report go to the Users section within Admin and click on the user you wish to view the report for.… Read More

The User Engagement Report is a new report that is now available to view within your admin system. This report shows how engaged your users are with the content they are watching. To calculate engagement we break the content down in to 10 parts and then graph the users who have watched the content at these… Read More

Hi all, Some great and unexpected news. Firefox is adding support for the Widevine Content Decryption Module (CDM). Firefox have announced this here https://blog.mozilla.org/futurereleases/2016/04/08/mozilla-to-test-widevine-cdm-in-firefox-nightly/ What this means for you is that in the coming months Firefox will be welcomed back into our warm embrace and once again be a fully supported browser. Right now this new… Read More

SHIFT72 is proud to announce that our video advertising feature is now available as an option to all clients. The SHIFT72 video advertising feature allows you to display pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll adverts in all of your content. You can specify how many ads to show and with mid-roll ads you can specify the cue-points.… Read More

Today we need to make a tough decision, which is to remove support for Firefox. This is not a decision we have taken lightly, in fact we have tried hard to avoid this.   We believe in users being able to watch films on the browsers and devices they choose and today’s announcement is a… Read More

Today we’re excited to announce that we now support Opera browser. This is part of our commitment of letting your users watch your content where they want to watch it and our DRM protection ensures that the content is protected at all times. For the most part you don’t need to do anything as your site… Read More

We’re excited to launch support for Chromecast for the SHIFT72 Android App. Chromecast support was added for the Chrome browser earlier this year and now your users can easily cast the content they are watching on the SHIFT72 Android App direct to their TV.   Casting from the app is straightforward. In the library view, click the Chromecast… Read More

Hello, It is Mark here, the CTO for SHIFT72. I am excited to announce some great news.   The SHIFT72 Android App is now available!   You can get the SHIFT72 App on the Google PlayStore. Go and grab it now, I’ll wait. The SHIFT72 Android app is one small part of our commitment to letting… Read More

Today we are releasing a major update for Curated Collections that will allow you to create new pages and add these pages to a new navigation menu on your site. This update will allow you to build more depth to your site and provide different ways for your users to browse and discover content.     There are two types of… Read More

Thanks to feedback we’ve added the ability for users to add their gender and date of birth. All users can enter this information via their account settings page and this can also be optionally enabled during the Create Account process. This information is now included in the User Export within Admin. This will also enable us to build… Read More