A new release across all platforms brings updates including Breadcrumbs, Reorder Film Data, New Crew Options and Invoice Regeneration



We’ve added Breadcrumbs to your administration dashboard, making it easier to navigate around the backend of your platform. The Breadcrumbs display underneath your top navigation menu so you can easily see where you have come from and click back to previous pages in seconds.



Reorder Film Data

Sorting Genres, Countries and Languages on Film and TV general pages now has a new drag and drop feature. This enables you to easily sort information in order of importance. Even after your content is published, you can access these details on your Film or TV Series General Page and add, reorder and remove any genre, country or language.


New Crew Options

There are two new options to add in the Crew area of your Film or TV Series info section. “Costume Designer” and “Original Music” have been added to the list.

Crew options


Invoice Regeneration

You can now resend a purchase receipt email to a user with our the new Invoice Regeneration function on your Administration Dashboard. This can be found by selecting the title your customer purchased and navigating to the ‘Reports’ tab. You will see a ‘regenerate invoice’ button has been added beside each person who has made a purchase.

Regenerate Invoices