Today we are releasing a major update for Curated Collections that will allow you to create new pages and add these pages to a new navigation menu on your site. This update will allow you to build more depth to your site and provide different ways for your users to browse and discover content.




There are two types of pages that you can add to your site. The first is a Curated Page which has a similar layout to your home page and allows you to enter a title and a description about the page instead of a carousel. The second is a Content Page which only contains text and is useful for informational pages like Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy.



Within Admin you will also find a new Navigation feature. This allows you to add your pages to the header and footer navigation menus on your site. The header navigation also allows you to create a sub-menu that appears as a dropdown on your site. You should use short titles for your navigation menu and check the site after you make any changes to ensure it looks as you expect.




With this, and the other Curated Pages updates, you now have a lot more control over how your site looks increasing the discoverability of your content.