For more control over your platform settings and appearance Today we’ve rolled out an Admin update across all platforms, providing new Admin controls and customization options. Every SHIFT72 platform is different, from functionality to appearance. The tools we provide ensure you’re able to customize your platform in many different ways and set yourself apart from the rest. This week… Read More

How to use the Content Recommendation tool on your platform The new Content Recommendation tool enables you to easily add suggested content to single or multiple titles on your SHIFT72 platform, helping you boost profits and increase site interaction.   Get started with this step by step guide: To add recommended content to a title,… Read More

Boost sales and increase engagement with the new Content Recommendation feature Suggest targeted content to your audience and boost your profits with the new Content Recommendation feature, now live across all platforms. Content Recommendation is an effective tool that integrates seamlessly with your platform functionality and enables you to build custom curations for your audience. Add recommended… Read More

Transform your platform into a unique discovery destination Today we’re thrilled to announce the release of a platform tool that enables you to build unique curated pages with your film and tv content. Drive more sales, increase customer engagement and make your site stand out with the new content Collection feature. Collections are scheduled to go live on Tuesday… Read More