How to use the Refund feature on your platform Seamlessly record refunds for your platform using the new feature in customer Account History and save time with easy customer reimbursement. The new Refund feature includes updates to reporting, which automatically recalculate to provide you with continuous real-time platform statistics.   Get started with this step by step guide: To… Read More

Reporting and User Management just got easier Today we’re releasing a new refund feature to enhance platform reporting and enable you to easily manage customer reimbursement. The feature includes the ability to process refunds through a customer’s Account History, a new Refunds report and updates to all sales reporting. Issuing a refund is a seamless process and can be… Read More

Great news! You can now run your own specials with the new Promo Codes feature Create unlimited promotions and control your own specials with Promo Codes. Leverage this feature by offering special deals to magazines, blogs and social media audiences to reward loyal customers and increase sales on your platform. To find Promo Codes, navigate to your platform… Read More

Introducing the platform Dashboard, your new admin homepage Today we’re excited to announce the newly released dashboard across all customer platforms. The dashboard is your new admin homepage and provides insightful real-time platform data at a glance. Landing on your new Dashboard homepage you will see your key headline stats, all in one place: total users, films and TV Seasons,… Read More

Gain improved platform experiences with the latest Admin updates  Over the last few weeks the development team have been working on the new updated Admin area to deliver all customers an improved experience when using their platform. We’ve had some great feedback in regard to suggested improvements, so if you put something forward, you may see your changes in… Read More