TV Series are now supported on all platforms The update for Television Series in all platforms is now released. This means all platform owners can easily add, edit and display television series on their platforms and audiences gain a higher quality viewing experience of television content.… Read More

We are excited to announce that localized pricing, free items and film title display options have been released to all SHIFT72 customers! The new product update was rolled out on November 24. Platform owners will have increased control over display options, and users in different countries will see a more personalized shop front. Here is a breakdown… Read More

Regional Pricing and Geo-Blocking updates are now live on all platforms Lately we’ve been busy making more improvements to the Administration Dashboard that make Geo-Blocking and Regional Pricing even easier to manage. The new update released today enables all platform owners to create, define and edit regions that make segregating regional sales easy.   Regional Pricing… Read More