List unlimited bonus content for specific titles with the release of today’s new feature Now it’s even easier to reward loyal customers and dramatically improve sales conversions with the release of the new Bonus Content feature. The Bonus Footage feature allows you to list unlimited bonus content for specific titles, resulting in increased sales and happy… Read More

Improved SEO Admin area and a sortable drag and drop function in the Cast and Crew feature released in the latest update We’re excited to announce a new update on all platforms today. The update includes an improved administration dashboard with an updated interface in the SEO admin section and a brand new function in the Cast and Crew area. … Read More

SHIFT72 have partnered with Akamai, the world’s largest CDN provider Today we are excited to announce that we have partnered with Akamai, adding to our current partnership with Amazon AWS. This partnership allows us to offer more advanced streaming and downloading options across all platforms and a superior playback experience for all audiences.… Read More

Ingesting Trailers is now easier with a new and improved administration process We’ve streamlined the process for ingesting the trailers for your content for a much smoother upload experience. In our earlier model, this was an area that had the most steps to complete. After talking with our partners and gathering feedback, we came up with a… Read More