Great news for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. The SHIFT72 App now supports downloads giving your customers the option to view content offline. Along with streaming, users can now download their purchases to their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Once the content is downloaded, the users can also watch this content while offline and as… Read More

Today we’ve released a small update to improve the visibility of your ingestion history. Until now, your ingestion history was visible on your dashboard, but was limited to the last 10 ingestions. Now you can view your complete ingestion history or filter to report over a specific time period. As with all our other reports you… Read More

Distribution rights play a key role around monetising content in the film industry. Ensuring that the delivery of content is secure and inline with Distribution Rights is often a challenge for our customers. Read more about how we’re incorporating reliable geolocation technology to solve this challenge.… Read More

Providing great customer support is key to us here at SHIFT72, which is why we’re introducing Online Support in addition to Live Chat. Online Support replaces our existing Admin Guide, making it easier for you to access up to date information. Can’t find an answer to a question that you have? Don’t worry, simply drop us a message via Live… Read More

Here at SHIFT72 we are committed to quality customer support which is why we have introduced Live Chat, to the admin system, as a more convenient way for you to connect with us. With our new Live Chat feature you can chat directly with us in real-time. Another handy feature is that if we’re unavailable at the time… Read More

We’re excited to announce that the Google Chromebook is now supported. With Chromebook you can watch your content through the built-in Chrome browser. If the Chromebook can also install Android apps through the Google Play Store, then you can also use the SHIFT72 Android app to play content. For existing clients, Chromebook support has automatically been enabled… Read More

It seems that releasing new feature is what we do best! This time around it’s to do with Promo codes. Promo codes can now be created with specific monetary amounts. This is a great addition to the percentage discount feature that you’ve been using up until now. Want to give this new feature a go? Simply… Read More

We know that a great user experience is key, after all your customers should be able to choose how and where they watch your content. That’s why we’re pleased to confirm that all sites have now been upgraded to fully support Microsoft’s Edge browser. For most this is a brand new feature and is great… Read More

Today we’re pleased to announce that improvements to purchase flow have been released. This means customers are no longer required to create an account before purchasing as it’s all done as part of the purchase flow. No doubt you’ll see a decrease in drop off number as the experience is now smoother for your customers. Great… Read More